Advanced Progressive Ashiatsu

$275 ($137.50 deposit*) 12 CEH/CEU

1-1/2 days - 1st day-9am-6pm, 2nd day 9am-1pm

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You will receive an official NCBTMB certificate upon completion

Prerequisites: Completed Intro/Beginning Level Ashiatsu;

have provided a minimum of 50 Ashiatsu sessions in a recent 4 month period

Advanced Pro Ashiatsu is the future of Ashiatsu! This course is Advanced and requires current experience with barefoot massage skills. It is a perfect blend of structural & clinical, problem solving techniques within a complete, precise and seamless session. Expand your skill set with modern barefoot trigger point & myofascial techniques, gain more Ashi knowledge, improve body mechanics & learn ways to work even more efficiently while increasing effectiveness for your clients.

The focus of the protocol is low back and glutes. This course blends a few techniques from the Extended Seated & Standing courses -all techniques created in the last several years, including some Cross Body Method techniques- topped off with a couple of tributes to Chavutti Thirummal and a few techniques not in either the Seated or Standing courses. It contains the most up-to-date information about draping, technique, bolstering, and helpful equipment for Ashiatsu therapists at these advanced levels.