Mobile Ashiatsu Bars

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Mobile Ashiatsu Bars


As of August 1, 2018, these new Mobile Ashiatsu Bar sets* have the latest improvements, including two bolts on each finger of the centerpiece, which makes it super easy for even one person to assemble quickly and easily. These sets are currently in production and will ship from UT on September 7, 2018.

Whether you want to keep these bars in one place or take them to an event or trade show, these 2 arch mobile bars are made to support you. They offer the most room and sturdiness possible, allowing you the freedom to work where and how you need. 

Made with sturdy, thick wall tubing this portable option is designed for stability, transport, and ease of assembly. The attractive and decorative design, combined with the durable powder coat finish will add to any decor and give a professional look to any event. 

These sets disassemble and pack down for shipping in 2 boxes, so fitting them into your vehicle and transporting them to clients or events is not just a wish anymore! They will fit in any size car, but the poles (which you need to purchase separately from your local hardware store) and assemble with them need to be cut to at least a 6' length, so accommodate those in your transporting plans. It may take longer to assemble your first time, so plan for 20 minutes to read through instructions & assemble, then it will be approximately eight (8) minutes to assemble by one's self. 

The Mobile Ashiatsu Bars fit under 8' ceilings. Base: 84"; Height: 94"; Total Weight: 87 LBS; Height from floor to bottom of bar is 89". Bar width: 12".

Wood poles (not included) may be purchased at any hardware store and are required in assembly for stability. Attaching them with nut & bolt is recommended, so drill them when you get them home, or use wood screws each time you assemble/disassemble. Poles should be as close to 1-5/8" as possible and 6-7' in length. You'll find them in the closet rod or lumber section of the store, and each store may have a different sizing for these “closet rods” - 1-3/8”, 1-5/8”, 1-5/16” - all of which fit.

Table is also not included and sold separately. 

Most tables have a lowest height setting of 23". If you are over 5'7", check your table height & add your height to figure out if it's necessary to consider a low option table for your comfortable use. For best body mechanics, the bar should touch the top of your head when you're standing relaxed on the table under it. 

Pick Up is FREE by appointment in Tucson, AZ; Orem, UT; Las Vegas, NV  -Call (480)331-2744 to schedule your pickup.

ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ONLINE. NO EMAIL OR PHONE ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED. 30 Day returns, paid by purchaser; 20% restocking fee.

*The other improvements to these new sets include replacing the feet cut-outs with solid X brace arms and all in the same “mocha” color as the arches and centerpiece. These sets are NOT the same as the previously sold “Freestanding Ashiatsu Bars” in any way other than the original design idea: these are much lighter weight, have fitted tubing for simple assembly, and break down into more pieces to fit into any vehicle and transport easily. Freestanding Bars were sold as a means to accommodate therapists in larger rooms and those that were not going to be keeping them in place for more permanent use, only moving when necessary.

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