Licensed, professional & ethical massage therapy

Simply stated, I love my job! Being an Ashiatsu therapist has been a privilege and  brought so much joy to my life. I strive to share that privilege & joy by being as available, approachable, and affordable to as many clients as possible. Thank you for your interest in exploring the world of barefoot massage. 

Customized Ashiatsu Sessions

Cash/Check discounts applicable

90 Minutes   $110    (Cash or Check $100)

 120 Minutes  $135  (Cash or Check $125)

Need several sessions in a row?

Ask about packages specifically designed for you. Improve your quality of life through consistent Ashiatsu Massage Therapy. 


Gift Certificates Available  

To schedule your appointment, please call: 

(480)331-ASHI (2744)    

Please drink a lot of water before and after your sessions.  

It is recommended to schedule your appointment when you do not have any heavy lifting, long periods of sitting upright, or intense physical/emotional responsibilities directly after.S

No Gratuities Necessary.

As an Independent Contractor, it's important to me that my passion supports my career, and my career supports my passion.

Why is it not necessary to add gratuity (a tip)? The price should be the price  - no guessing what a good tip is or how much you really need to bring with you. I believe in the benefits of massage therapy and know when clients are able to receive sessions more often, they also receive more benefits. My priority as a therapist is to offer skilled, quality therapy that may be received more often to increase the physical, emotional, & mental benefits of my clients.

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