Extended Seated Ashiatsu

$180 ($90 deposit*) 8 CEH/CEU

1 day - 9am to 6pm

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You will receive an official NCBTMB certificate upon completion

There is no pre-requisite, however this class is continuing education for licensed massage therapists only. No bars are necessary to provide techniques from this class, nor is bar installation required. This is both an entry level and advanced Ashiatsu course.

This course provides a 60 minute protocol to work specifically with frozen shoulder and other shoulder conditions, using only barefoot techniques and methods. It is convenient for those wanting to begin working with their feet before committing to a longer class or for the practicing Ashiatsu therapist to gain numerous details and techniques covering the shoulders & the smaller muscles in the upper torso.

A benefit of this course is that it offers a perfect introduction of Ashiatsu to current clients. It gives you the option to add it into your current practice and menu right away. Once practiced, seated Ashiatsu can become an add on to any modality, without having to install bars in every room, all you need is a bar stool! It's convenient to share Ashiatsu in a mobile fashion, where bars are not able to be used.

Your clients will get an introduction to Ashiatsu and then want more - and so will you! While practicing these techniques, you'll be gaining confidence and skills to palpate with your feet just as you do your hands. By the time you're ready to install bars, you'll have already built an Ashiatsu clientele and the budget to put bars up!