Extended Standing Ashiatsu

$295 ($147.50 deposit*) - 16 CEH/CEU

2 days - 9am to 6pm

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You will receive an official NCBTMB certificate upon completion

This is an Advanced level course. Previous experience using Ashiatsu Bars is required. Bars are necessary to perform all techniques taught in this course. It is necessary to have recent barefoot massage practice and current clientele to participate in this class.

This course is designed to take you to the next level of Ashiatsu, no matter what your current level of practice is or how many years you've been providing it. You will learn many new techniques and methods not offered anywhere else in the US. Southwest Ashiatsu uses cross-body techniques paired with exceptional body mechanic patterns to practice to become the most effective & efficient barefoot practitioner possible. This course focuses on offering more specific therapies and techniques for conditions of the upper and lower back, gluteals, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, deltoids, pectorals, and abdomen. Distribution of body weight, use of angles, and the emphasis on placement of the different parts of the foot are important aspects of this course. 

After this class, your Ashiatsu work will become effortless, yet more powerful. You will learn seamless transitions to stay more connected with your clients and many techniques to specifically treat different muscles effectively.


  1. Minimum of 50 sessions using Introductory/Beginner/Basic level Ashiatsu.

  2. Knowledge of & ability to communicate using general anatomical terms.

  3. Experience with Ashiatsu draping techniques.