private classes

"Training with this magnitude of intensity deserves one to one attention." -Brenda Blakesley

Learning this modality at any level is intense: initially, it requires a higher level of physical fitness & challenges one’s mental capabilities, all while learning to use your feet as hands. In class, we compare it to getting behind the wheel of your car and trying to drive off using only your feet! Regardless of one’s physical & mental fitness levels, barefoot massage has challenging aspects while learning it and any distraction can be too much. 

Why take a Private Class?

 You can schedule class when it’s convenient for you, your family, and your work schedule. You're able to work at your own pace and on what you need the most, without having to wait on other classmates. How you learn best is determined within the first few minutes of a class and will directly affect the teaching methods used for you to get the most from your work and efforts. 

Private classes result in greater retention of class material & techniques. With only you learning, there is less distraction, more time for your questions and thoughts to process. There is more time to practice, hence more time to receive the work as well. There is a higher level of feedback and communication in a smaller, private setting—honesty & integrity increase with the comfort of fewer people to perform in front of. It’s all scheduled by your pace, not the rest of the class.

Private  Introductory Ashiatsu three (3)-day-Course


1 LMT - $1,150

2 LMTs - $660 per therapist

3-4 LMTs -  $600 per therapist

50% Deposit required to confirm dates 

Private  Introductory Ashiatsu five (5)-day-Course


1 LMT - $1,395

2 LMTs - $750 per therapist

3-4 LMTs -  $700 per therapist

50% Deposit required to confirm dates 

Course content of three (3) and five(5) day courses is the same, however there is a more lenient schedule and more time for additional questions, viewing demonstrations, and practice time with guest clients in the five day schedule.


Private Extended Courses:

Extended Seated $220 with partner, $300 without

Extended Standing $400 with partner, $475 without

Extended Two Footed $250 with partner, $325 without

Advanced Pro $425 with partner, $475 without

50% Deposit required to confirm dates 




$45/Hour with partner; $65/Hour without partner —4 hour minimum

$300 Full Day (8 hours) with partner; $360 Full Day without partner

$550 Two Full Days with partner; $600 Two Full Days without partner

Hourly and daily private training are available for therapists who have taken Ashiatsu/barefoot massage previously (with any provider), and want to improve their skills and increase their quality of work. Through a complimentary consultation, we will determine what's most important for you to focus on and the number of hours needed for your session. It is possible to choose what you'd like to work on, from body mechanics to setting up your table, the time is all yours to ensure you receive exactly what you want.

On-site private training is available for additional costs such as airfare, transportation, and lodging.

To schedule a private class, go to the "Contact" page & submit an inquiry or contact Brenda directly:

[email protected]


Group Rates for Spas:

Introductory Ashiatsu Course ($500)

4-7 $500 per therapist

8-11 $480 per therapist

12-15 $460 per therapist

16-19+ $440 per therapist

Extended Seated Ashiatsu course ($160)

4-7 $160 per therapist

8-11 $140 per therapist

12-15+ $120 per therapist

Advanced pro ashiatsu COURSE($275)

4-7 $275 per therapist

8-11 $260 per therapist

12-15+ $240 per therapist

Extended Standing ashiatsu course($295)

4-7 $295

8-11 $275

12-15+ $260

Group rates require submitting Registration Forms and sending a deposit of 50% tuition for the total number of therapists taking in order to schedule class, flights, lodging, etc..

Due to the intensity of learning this modality and the equipment necessities such as bar stools and bars, classes are best split up into groups of eight therapists at a time, no matter how many total are training.