Retakes & Audits

Southwest Ashiastu always offers retakes and audits for all classes!

See policy information for both below and register now!


Retake any course, anytime, for 1/2 tuition. If you've taken a course with another provider, you are welcome to retake the equivalent of that level with us. All of our courses contain specific techniques & information, so more than 50% of the material will be new to you. Courses may be retaken in any location offered, by the same instructor. A Retake is full participation in all scheduled bodywork hours and optional note-taking hours. 

Registration is mandatory to retake any course.


Audit portions of the same course(s) for up to 1 year after your original class date - at NO COST! After 1 year, audits are $10 per hour audited. Audits do not require bodywork hours and may have limited note-taking hours, dependent upon number of registrants and other auditors. No credit hours are supplied for auditing a class. 


 Registration is mandatory to audit any course.