Vegas Ashiatsu Classes

Location Information


Class Area: 215-W & Buffalo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89113

This location is approximately 3.5 miles from McCarren International Airport and 4 miles west of the famous Las Vegas strip. The address takes you to a residential area, where the class is held in a vacation rental home with a 3-car-garage that's been beautifully converted into a state of the art Ashiatsu learning center. This in-home studio offers a relaxed class environment, more bathrooms/sinks than commercial spaces, and is conveniently located between the strip and desert trails.


If you are not driving your own car, renting a car is recommended. UBER & LYFT are the best and most affordable modes of transportation here.

Cabs are very expensive and Vegas is NOT a pedestrian friendly city anywhere but on the strip, so we highly recommend having a vehicle or arranging for rides to class.

Most often, students will share rides and/or rental cars.

Please ask to be connected with possible students to share with by contacting Brenda.

Lodging & Food

Airbnb & VRBO are your best bets to find more reasonable and available lodging to attend your Ashiatsu course. Many students have reported satisfying stays nearby for less than $40/night. If you choose to stay in a hotel, below is information to take a look at, but always check online for current promotions. Rates change daily in most Las Vegas hotels.

Hotels: There are many hotels in Las Vegas to choose from, but here are some closer choices, all within 3 miles of the studio, from closest (less than one mile) to furthest -

Holiday Inn Express -- (877) 863-4780
Holiday Inn Express at 6620 S. Rainbow Blvd. is our recommended hotel. All suites, micro/coffee pot, fridge, include breakfast bar, free internet, free shuttle* to/from airport & class M-F. Less than 1 mile from studio. *Please call to check current shuttle service schedule & ask for available discounts that may apply to you (AAA, etc.). 
Emerald Suites -- (702) 365-5500
Emerald Suites at 4777 Cameron Street, approx. 2.5 miles from studio. For details of amenities, please call hotel. 
The Orleans -- (702) 365-7111
The Orleans Hotel & Casino at 4500 W. Tropicana. Approx. 3.5 miles from studio. Rooms/rates vary, please call for details.

Please be aware the “other charges” such as internet, etc. are very high on the strip; the travel time is unpredictable & can change daily. Plan for 40 minutes extra travel time to & from class if you stay on or around the strip. 

Food: There are many deli’s, supermarkets, & eateries within 3 miles. Grocery stores nearby include Smith's, Wal-Mart, and Von's. Trader Joe’s isn’t too far, about 4 miles distance. New places like Greens & Proteins and Fruits & Roots have opened up within a mile of class. Every cuisine you can name is within a mile or two, but you must bring food to class - do not plan to go off-site to eat.

You are REQUIRED to bring your own lunch & eat in. There is a microwave, stove, toaster-oven, oven, and refrigerator for your use. Please have plenty of snacks & drinks as well as small meals so that you will not have to give or receive Ashiatsu with a full stomach and lethargic feeling.

IF YOU DO NOT BRING FOOD, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REMAIN ON SCHEDULE. We will be taking plenty of breaks during the day and going outside or for a quick walk if possible; however, leaving the premises is not. Nothing is within walking distance for lunch time, and Vegas is much too busy to easily get to lunch and back without delay.